Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Happy 7th Birthday!

It was a Pretty Pony party for Sadie this year!  Can't believe she is 7.  I keep telling her to stop growing but she just won't listen to me and I'm happy and sad about that.  I sometimes wish I could go back to the days with just her or even just soak in her growing up a little more, but life is busy and I'm thankful that in this busy life God gave us our Sadie first.  She's an awesome big sister and such a huge help to me.  I often remind myself to be conscious of not asking too much of her because she's the kid who even if she's tired or doesn't want to will say yes to endless requests grab diapers, or help her siblings, or get something for a little one that can't reach, or help me clean up this or that.  She has a servants heart, she loves to play, she's the leader of our little tribe, a sweet and beautiful girl, and we'd have a hard time doing it without her.

 We tried a punch pinata for her birthday this year.

We also made bracelets.  Thankful for same age cousins to celebrate with!

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