Tuesday, September 11, 2012

L.A. County Fair

Last week we had a chance to go to the L.A. County Fair with some friends.  The Fair wasn't actually opened yet but we were able to get in, along with a bunch of other school groups, to see some of the animals and the garden area.  It was a fun morning and just the right amount of things to do for these little ones.
 Sawyer, Sadie, and Wyatt
Checking out the pigs.
 We had to atleast try to get a picture of everyone in one of these.
Zeke, Sadie, Wyatt, Olive, and Sawyer
My little clowns were about the least cooperative picture takers in the bunch.
I so wanted a cute picture of the two of them, but these days this is about as close as it comes.
Enjoying some free Strawberry milk.  Yummy!
 ... And Chocolate.  Without a straw I might add, because of course if Sadie doesn't need one then neither does he.

I've never been to this Fair before but they had a great area where the kids were able to plant seeds, milk cows, harvest fruits and vegetables, etc. and then sell their produce to buy things at the market.  It was really cute!  They actually even received play money for their work, which they then used to pay for their pretend groceries.  I don't think they appreciated the process, but I sure thought it was a neat idea.

Planting Seeds

 Milking Cows
Uncle Robert is this how you do it?
 I think you may have a new milker at Christmas because this was Wyatt's favorite part.  Sadie on the other hand refused to even try it.  Go figure :)

Picking Fruit

Why Wyatt insisted on pushing Sawyers cart with him I don't know.