Thursday, May 10, 2018

Happy 3Oth to one of our FAVORITES!

We often say around here that everyone needs an Uncle Robert and seriously EVERYONE NEEDS AN UNCLE ROBERT!!!

I tell you we do not know what we would do with out this guy.
Robert is truly one of a kind.  Everyone who knows him will tell you that he is generous and fun and kind through and through.  People can't help but be drawn to him and it's been like this since I can remember.  He's not only a brother but a friend and I'm so thankful for him and the fact that I can call him anytime and know that he will make time for me and willingly and even enthusiastically share my load.  

One of my favorite memories with Robert will always be the year he scared me to death surprising me for my birthday, right before Wyatt was born.  He'd flown down to California and I had no idea he was coming.  I was literally sitting in my car talking to him on the phone when all of a sudden he was pounding on my car window.  I'll never forget walking until he had blisters, drinking pineapple smoothies while Sadie danced, and drinking castor oil together when I'd finally reached desperation.  It was dropping him off at the airport that time that Brandon said, "Our kids HAVE to grow up around that guy" and we are so glad that they are having the chance to.  His love for his nieces and nephews seems limitless at times as is theirs for him.  Whether he is working outside with them, taking them fishing, taking them birthday shopping, or "spoiling" them with treats, they always look forward to their time with him and we are thankful for the constant investment he makes in their lives and ours.  

We had a lot of fun celebrating Robert this year and surprising him with 30 balloons attached to notes with memories and favorite things about him.  I can't tell you now many people said when I contacted them, "Thank you, thank you for including us.  We just LOVE Robert!"  He really is one of a kind and though I cannot believe he is 30, I am glad that a few things haven't changed such as his big heart and the fact that he really is always up to something. :)

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Fathers Day 2017

Happy Fathers Day to Our Favorite Dad!

In all fairness Brandon knew and agreed to a big family before we ever got married but I don't think he had any idea what he was getting into.  Growing up he was an only child a lot of the time whereas I was the oldest of six so it's been perhaps more of a "shock" to him.  The amount of time and energy that goes into raising little ones, especially a group of five of them over a span of only seven years, can feel intense.  Yet, he has adapted and grown into his role with each new addition.  I remember how mesmerized he was with Sadie and how involved he was from the start attending father coached birthing classes, mostly against his will, and every doctor appointment and ultrasound and then even reminding me when to feed her after she was born.  Hahaha :)  I remember that after a couple days of him being home at my beckon call I had to tell him it was time for him to go back to work because although well intentioned, he was a bit intense in his role as our care taker.  

All joking aside though, Brandon has jumped into being a father with both feet intent on being the best father he can be to each of our children, all without neglecting his relationship with me or the Lord.  He provides for each of us financially, emotionally, and spiritually which is an enormous task and responsibility which I don't recognize often enough and which our children will most likely be unaware of until they are old enough to be parents themselves.  He sacrifices for us in so many ways and we are so very thankful that he is ours.

I think Daddy was more than overdue for a new barbecue.

Friday, May 4, 2018

Here's the thing about being #5

So here's the deal with number #5... 
I felt stretched a bit thin with each of my children to be honest.  With Sadie EVERYTHING was new and that was at times overwhelming, Wyatt came along 15 months after Sadie so that felt a bit crazy, we moved up to Oregon before Cooper was even a year old which meant things were a little out of order, and then I thought Hazel was my last which may have been more emotional for me than it needed to be.  All that said, I started my journey as a mom documenting furiously.  I tried to capture all the milestones and memories that I thought might someday be important.  However, as I had more children and less time I did this less and less.  So here I am a year late posting pictures and memories of my Little Miss Evie, which is a bummer to me because honestly I wish I'd written more down as it was happening, but then I realize that it's just the way of things.  I chose with Evie, above all, to embrace every sweet moment and snuggle I could.  I know from experience how quickly this time flies and I really didn't think I was going have another "1st year."  So, though I've written down far less about her milestones I have also spent far more mornings snuggled up with her.  She is my littlest love and my sweetest surprise and I think that this is what I'll always treasure about her 1st year.  I won't remember exactly what she weighed or exactly when she sat up for the first time, but who am I kidding I don't remember that stuff anyway.  What I will remember is her easy going nature, her smiles, her snuggles, her chubby little legs and cheeks which none of my other kids really had, and I'll know that if someday the kids give me a hard time about not having as much "recorded" for her that it was in no way an indicator of my love for her.  In fact I'd choose to do it the same way if I could do it again.  I have truly loved Evie's first year and I believe she has too.


Six Months
You learned to Sit

Seven Months

Eight Months
You learned to give kisses!

Nine Months


Ten Months
Weight - 19lb 8oz
Length 29 1/4 inches

Eleven Months
You would have learned to walk sooner if it were up to your siblings, but I told them if they taught you without me I got another baby.  Daddy made sure they waited until I was ready and there to witness those first wobbles which were quite a feat considering all the helping hands :)

Learning to Walk

Tuesday, April 17, 2018


Daisy's first litter of kittens has been quite an adventure.  The kids have loved loved loved watching them grow.  They play with them nearly every day and though they've made a complete disaster of our garage I think even Daddy has enjoyed them and we are all a little sad to see them go, though it is time.  I listed the kittens on craigslist having no idea how quickly they would go.  I really thought that we would be lucky to find homes for all of them and had asked Robert about bringing one or two over to the dairy if we couldn't find homes.  However, much to my surprise people started texting right away and with in 2-3 days they all had homes.  This was all great and happy news until Robert informed me that people feed kittens to snakes.  WHAT?!?!  I mostly thought he was giving me a hard time but then I found some things online to suggest that this was possible.  So now I was no longer happy but a very upset cat owner thinking I had possibly sent my children's kittens to their untimely deaths.  All that to say after much worrying and Robert not being willing to let me off the hook by telling me he was kidding I behaved like a crazy cat lady and sent texts to the people who had taken our kittens asking for pictures of them.  I said that my "kids were missing them :)"  Luckily they all seem to be in happy homes and I can once again sleep at night.  THANK YOU SO MUCH UNCLE ROBERT!! 

Peanut - aka Peaney
Peanut found a home with Uncle Andy and Auntie Kendy and was renamed "Gus."

Even though Peanut was headed to Andy and Kendra's, Wyatt still wasn't sure he wanted to let him go :(

Fuzzy was their favorite!

The Kittens safely in their new homes.