Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Quick Get Away

It's crazy how quickly we can loose sight of God's blessing.  We've been so blessed with this new home and a baby on the way and yet over the course of the past month we've found ourselves overwhelmed and stressed about all the thing "we have to do."  This is where we found ourselves a week ago; tired and with little energy for one another.  So, we decided that it was time to regroup.  It was time to get away for a few days with the intent of spending some quality time together, focusing on our marriage, and refocusing on our priorities as they should be.
So, we spent the weekend in San Diego.  We checked out the Gas Lamp District, ate at our favorite brunch spot in La Jolla "The Cottage" which we'd highly recommend, and checked out the Cow Parade, which was also in La Jolla.  
Where's Brandon?

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Exciting Moments

We have many exciting things going on these days! 
1. On February 3rd we found out 2 great things.  First of all, we had put an offer on a house in Glendora and the bank accepted it and second I found out and surprised Brandon with the news that we were pregnant!!!
2. We moved into our new house on February 28th.  We have been here a little over a month now and Brandon has been working hard to fix it up.  So far his main projects have been refinishing the hardwood floor in the family room, replacing a broken window, and he is now beginning to work on painting and re-trimming the front bedrooms and family room.  It's progressing much slower than he would like but I keep reminding him we have lots of time :) We are also very excited to now be across the street from our good friends Jeremiah and Courtney.  What a blessing!
3. A week after moving in, my parents came down to check out a trial clinic at Cedar-Sinai.  Dad was accepted and a week later on March 18th had brain surgery.  He spent only 2 and half days in the hospital and praise the Lord they found little if any new growth.  What they had feared was tumor regrowth turned out to be primarily scar tissue.  This was such an amazing answer to prayer!
4. Meanwhile, during the time between my parents coming to California to check out the trial and returning for the surgery, my brother Robert was in a very serious car accident.  He fractured his femur, neck, and wrist, and he ended up spending a week in the hospital and then another week and a half in rehab.  So, while dad was recovering from his surgery here in California we were talking via Skype to Robert in his own hospital room in Oregon.  It was a crazy couple of weeks but Robert is doing well and again we are so filled with thanks to God who we know had his hand on Robert protecting him.
5. The 1st few months of pregnancy have left my stomach feeling so so at best and me a little less than motivated to unpack and clean and to do all that is necessary to settle into our new house.  However, last week I had my first visit with my new doctor and Brandon and I got to see our little one on an ultrasound.  It was by far the most incredible thing I've ever experienced and just what I needed.  I really couldn't believe what I was seeing or comprehend that my body could do this without any instruction.  The nurse was really sweet and even moved my tummy around so that we could watch the baby move.  It was truly amazing and definitely makes the parts that are difficult dim in comparison.  
Well for a first entry I think that this was a bit long but what can I say, Spring Break just didn't come soon enough.