Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Christmas 2014

I tried to get a picture of the kids on Christmas Eve, but after using up all their "calm" behavior in church this was the best we could do.

Christmas was a fun but very full day this year.  We began the morning with Brandon helping Uncle Ryan feed calves while we got ready and headed over to Grammy's house to meet everyone for breakfast.  Then it was off to church with Grammy and back home for lunch and presents.

Then it was back to Grammy's house for dinner and more gifts.  It was so fun to watch how excited the kids got about everything this year, especially picking out and giving gifts to each other.  I took them too Goodwill and let them pick out and wrap their own gifts for one another and I think that was just about their favorite part.

We literally didn't make it 5 minutes down the road until this is what we had in our car.

 3 happy but exhausted kiddos.

Grammy went in with us on the purchase of the quads so that we could get 2 figuring, with soon to be 4 kiddos, that way everyone would have a seat and the kids are loving them so far!