Monday, July 23, 2012


Do you remember these days?  The fighting, and tattling, and life never being fair.  I'm reminded of it every day as I watch these two little guys go at it.  They both want to be held, but Mommy's arms aren't always strong enough for two.  They both want to be first but only one can.  They can't stand to be away from each other because that's just no fun, yet when they're together they pester each other relentlessly.  Some days this age is just plain tiring.
Well this past month, when we were up in Oregon I was reminded of how quickly this stage passes. How the ones who were your greatest rival soon become your best friends. We had one particular moment this trip where we found the six of us "kids" together in my moms car driving to Home Depot. We laughed about how funny it was that Amy was in the back while our two "little" brothers drove us, we laughed as Robert tried to order 6 drinks at the Dutch Brother's drive thru, and for a second I quietly observed and wished that I could freeze that moment in time.  It was like we almost forgot that we were moms, and wives, and husbands, and business partners, and we were just kids again. It was a rare moment of just us 6 being together again. I treasure these moments and have been reminding myself these past few weeks, that when my own kiddos seem to be an especially large handful, that this is what they have to look forward to.  I think that we'd all agree that we'd never have had it any other way and I hope that someday my kids can look back and say the same. Being a part of a big family is the best!
Time sure does fly.....

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Maybe We Had Too Much Fun!

As I started working on the first of my Oregon posts, I quickly discovered that I'd taken way too many pictures.  So here are a few more of the fun things we did.

Baking Cookies with Grandma
Notice the cute apron that Grandma and I made Sadie.
Rolling the dough.
Thanks for the Cars cookie cutters Courtney!
Frosting the cookies.

Building a Patio for Grandma
Brandon spent a lot of time during our 2nd week in Oregon building a patio for my Mom's new modular home.
When Caleb wasn't helping he was hanging out with the "supervisor" aka Grandpa.
Working hard, even on vacation. What a good guy!


Other than a minor mishap with the lagoon I think Hershey adapted to farm life well.  When Brandon was working or out shooting she hung out with him and when he wasn't around she ran with the other dogs.  Not a bad life.

The 4th of July!
Dangerous???  Probably a little.
Grandma's Girl

Paddle Boating
Seriously Sadie the bread is for the ducks!

Grandma's Happy Place!
Sadie, Payton, and Wyatt
Let's just say freeze means nothing to these little ones.

Fun with Uncle Robert!
Uncle Robert bought a pool/ball pit for the kids to play in. 
Thanks for always spoiling us Uncle Robert!
So Big!

Cousin Fun!
 Auntie Amy
Uncle Robert has a gift for making things more fun!

 Uncle Ryan's house is a great blueberry picking spot.
So many to choose from.

Our Little Squirt
Auntie Kendy and Wyatt

Picking Apples
Love this little smile!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Getaway on the Coast!

During our time in Oregon we had a chance to take a quick getaway to the coast.  We spent the first day in Seaside, Oregon with the kids, Grandma, and Auntie Kendy.
 We love you Auntie Kendy!
 Riding with style.
"Little Boy!"
 Our attempt at a cute family photo.
Look what my Auntie Kendy taught me to do!
 Time to snuggle.
 If they look tired, they were. 
I think we wore them out.
Our sweet little squirt!

After that we headed back down the coast to Tillamook where we stopped at the Tillamook Cheese Factory before parting ways with Grandma and the kids.

Brandon and I spent the next two and a half days exploring the coast and spending some much needed time together.  It's been a long time since we've had a chance to hang out as a couple, to eat slowly, and to wake up whenever we want.

Thank you to Grandma and all the other hands who entertained our little ones while we were away.  You are a blessing to us!!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Getting Back to Our Roots

Life up in Oregon is a little different from life here at home, but we love it!  It was especially fun this time as the kids are a little older and a little more excited about being outside.  There were so many new things for them to do and see. 
Wyatt quickly discovered that his favorite part of farm life is riding on the quads.  He simply wasn't satisfied unless he was outside and once he was out, there was no keeping him off the quads.  By the end of our trip he could practically climb on and drive himself.
Uncle Robert
Incase you didn't believe me about him trying to drive it himself.
 What happened to Daddy?  I'm not done riding yet!!!
Uncle Ryan to the rescue!
 Yes, there is something dead on the front of this quad.  Only in Oregon!
 Sadie wasn't sure about the quad for the first week or so.  Every day we'd ask if she wanted a ride and she'd say, very seriously, "Maybe Later." 
When later finally came she couldn't get enough either
 Target always reminds me of Dad.
One of my favorite parts of being out on the dairy with the kids are all the memories it brings back from my own childhood and especially memories of my Dad!  This place will always be his and I'm so thankful that my brothers are willing to put in all the work it takes to keep it running.  I can't say enough how it fills my heart to watch my kids experience this life.
 Feeding calves with the boys. 
The calf behind us is named Sadie.  Isn't she cute!
Such a big helper.
 Lovin' Life!
 Making new friends.