Saturday, June 29, 2013

Adventure Camp

Each summer our church puts on a sports and theater camp, which is basically our VBS, and this was the first year that Sadie was old enough to attend.  She was an Adventure Camper this year which means she got a special green shirt and got to spend her morning from 9:00 - 12:00, Monday through Friday at church learning Bible stories, making crafts, playing games, eating snack, and learning new songs.  She was a little nervous as we talked about her going in the weeks leading up to it. She's never sure about being away from the rest of us and this was something new so I wondered if I should have waited until next year, but she loved it.  By day 2 she was pushing her way through the crowd of parents to find a seat with her class in the sanctuary filled with 160 other kids and she was sad when the week finally came to an end.  I was really proud of her!   She had a great time and was exhausted from all the fun every day when we came to pick her up.
 Adventure Camp
 Adventure Camp Teachers
 Craft Time

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Toddler Sleep

How is it even possible that they fall asleep like this???


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Caleb's Graduation

At the beginning of this month I made a very quick trip to Oregon to watch my youngest brother, Caleb, graduate from high school.  As I stood in the back of the auditorium near the end of the ceremony trying to keep Cooper happy while waiting to hear them announce the class of 2013 I couldn't help but reminisce of years gone by.  I thought about how it's been 13 years since I graduated from high school, how when I left for college Caleb was just a little guy starting Kindergarten, how my little ones are going to be doing this someday, and how it feels like only a few years ago Caleb was just a little kid.  What in the world happened and seriously where did the time go? 
I know I've said this before but I've loved being a part of a big family and I think I'd even say being the oldest in a big family.  Although in many ways I had to watch the youngest ones in our family grow up from afar I will always remember welcoming them to our family, babysitting them when they were little, and being there for as many of the milestones as I could.  I've been a proud big sister since I can remember.  I've worried about them always, felt anxious for them at times, not know what my role was in their lives during some seasons when the span of years between us made it hard to even relate, and I absolutely love this new season our family is entering.  It's one where I feel like age is beginning to matter less and less and one where I'm really realizing the true blessing of having siblings who are also lifelong friends. 
One of my favorite things about Caleb, since this is after all a post about his graduation, is the quiet confidence which he has always maintained amidst a great deal of harassment from all of us.  We've always loved to tease one another, as I think most kids do, but if we're going to be honest Caleb has probably been subjected to more than his fair share being the youngest of 6.  I remember as just a little guy he was able to zone out watching something on TV and I would pester him and pester him and he could ignore me for seemingly forever.  He never let us bother him, which is probably why we tried so hard, and now he's grown into a young man who sticks to his guns no matter what anyone says.  He thinks for himself, he knows that the opinions of others don't always matter, and he's confident enough to question anything that is thrown his way. 
As they read the class history at graduation Caleb was mentioned as being the class theologian and I loved that!  I couldn't help but think of my Dad and how proud he would have been not only of how Caleb has grown up in the past couple of years, but also of the way that Caleb questions things and is able to defend his faith.  He's just like my Dad in that regard and has been since he was just a little guy. Growing up, he couldn't have been much older than 2nd grade, and I can remember him coming home and telling us that he was going to read his entire Bible, and then he actually set out to do it.  For days he not only read but asked questions about what he read.  What little guy does that?  Caleb has never given up that passion for learning and understanding and debating.  We joke that he's the smartest one of our bunch and he probably is, but the fact that he does it about things that are truly important like his faith is the reason it is really to be respected.  Like I said, I'm a proud big sister and Caleb you've made us all proud once again.  Congratulations!  We're excited to see what your college years hold.  We Love You!!!!
 Robert, Me, Kendra, Caleb, Amy, and Ryan
Caleb, Robert, Ryan, Amy, Mom, Me, Kendra, and Katie
What's greater than family?
 Caleb and Mom
 Caleb and Kendra
 Caleb, Kendra, and cousins
Jacqueline, Taylor, and Michaelah
 Grandpa and Caleb
Caleb and Uncle Kevin
 Caleb and I
 Caleb and Amy
Katie and my little half pint who wasn't such a nice boy to his Auntie.
Robert and Grandma GiGi

Saturday, June 8, 2013

6 Months Old

Our little guy just keeps growing.  He's already 6 months and among other things is starting to eat baby food, sitting on his own, rolling all over the place, and I'm pretty sure he's just about ready to crawl.  He scoots everywhere and desperately wants to be a part of whatever Sadie and Wyatt are doing.  He weighs 17lbs 14oz and measures 28.75inches, which puts him in the 95th percentile for height. Such a big boy and I must say I think I've enjoy this stage a little more with each of our children because I understand a little better how quickly it passes.  I just can't get enough of his smiles and coos, the way he lights up when he sees his Daddy or when Sadie or Wyatt are being silly with him, and just the overall innocence of it.  It truly is unlike any other.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Miss Stephanie

Wyatt has been receiving speech therapy for the past 9 months and has grown tremendously.  When we started he was18 months old and he wasn't talking at all.  Sometimes I thought I heard a "mama" but even that was inconsistent.  I was reluctant to start speech therapy as I was pretty sure it was simply a matter of having an older sister who talks for him, but we did, at the recommendation of our pediatrician, and it has been a wonderful experience.  Wyatt has grown so much and has loved making a new friend and having this special time just for him each week. 
Miss Stephanie came to us just as Cooper was born and I remember being concerned about the timing of it all as it was adding just one more change for Wyatt, but he adored Miss Stephanie immediately.  She was so sweet with him, always laughing at his little ways and encouraging him.  She was also great about including Sadie in their playtime which she loved!  So, when we found out that we had to say good bye because she was getting married and continuing on in school we were all a little sad, but thankful to have gotten to know her.
When Wyatt began speech therapy he was 18 months old and they said his receptive language skills were at 9-12 months and his expressive language skills were at 6 months.  6 months later at 2 years old they retested him and his receptive language skills had moved to the 21-24 month range and his expressive language skills had moved to the 18-21 month range with scattered skills even higher.  We are very proud of him and excited to see where he is when they evaluate him again later this month. 
 Every Wednesday Wyatt waits at the window for Miss Stephanie's car and then excitedly comes to me saying "Stephanie, Stephanie" when he sees her so that he can let her in.
Then as soon has he has let her in he runs to the rug and plops down ready to play.

Best Wishes Miss Stephanie.  We miss you!!!