Wednesday, July 8, 2015

4 Months Old

At 4 months old Miss Hazel loves to laugh and talk with us, especially when she has all of Mommy and Daddy's attention in the evening.  She weighs 12lb 6oz and measures 24 1/4 inches, she prefers standing to laying or even sitting, and she has definitely found her thumb.  I have yet to have a thumb sucker but she seems set on it.  She still won't take a pacifier or bottle of any type but loves her fingers and Mommy's fingers.  We're continuing to love watching her grow and become a part of our family more and more.  I've noticed that when I go out occasionally with just her that she seems more discontent and I think it is because she doesn't have all her brothers and sisters in the car with her.  She loves to hear their voices and they're getting really good at entertaining her.