Thursday, November 3, 2011

Trick or Treat!

We found a lot of opportunities to wear our costumes this year.  So many, in fact, that Sadie now asks almost daily to wear her lion costume.  Anyway, so last week was our first opportunity as we participated in trick-or-treating at the Glendora Library.  It was really cute.  After story time all the kids walked in a little parade through the library and there were 5 stops where they got a little toy or bag of pretzels or something like that.

Here we are just hanging out!

Then on the morning of Halloween Courtney, Kasey, Heidi, and I took the kiddos to downtown Glendora for more trick-or-treat fun.  All the shops where passing out candy so we walked around until we were over the crowd and then we found a place to park the kids so we could take a break and get some pictures.

Aren't We Cute!!!

Finally, we ended our day with trick-or-treating in our neighborhood with our small group.  My family has actually never done trick-or-treating in the neighborhood or passed out candy so it was fun for us and we were glad that we had at least 1 walker, Sadie, to collect candy for the group.  I might also add that she was pretty good at it.  After about 3 houses she had the hang of it and realized that saying trick-or-treat meant she got candy.  We did have one little episode where instead of saying "thank you" she insisted on "more" but after a little heart to heart with Daddy she was very polite for the remainder of the evening.  :)

Sadie, Sawyer, and Wyatt

 I can't get over his ears...