Thursday, February 27, 2014

Uncle Ryan

I can hardly believe that this is the same Uncle Ryan that I had to practically force to hold Sadie when she was a bran new baby.  You'd never know it now.  We love Uncle Ryan and especially Cooper can't get enough time with him. 

Checking out Uncle Ryan's truck, and by that I mean touching every button he can get his hands on.
It was all fun and games until blonde here blared the air horn, while the rest of us were standing outside, scaring poor Cooper and leaving all of our ears ringing.  Watch out world here he comes!!!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Our 1st Visitors

We were beyond excited to get to spend some time with our sweet friends the Scullys.  We've missed them so much and have been looking forward to their visit pretty much since we left California six months ago.  It felt so good to have our families together once again and I couldn't get enough of watching the kids play.  They didn't miss a beat picking up right where they left off.

On Friday we drove up to Newberg to visit Courtney and the kids for a few hours, and then on Monday the whole family came out to see us and we were able to show them part of our new life.  

These pictures just make me laugh because they just capture the craziness of our life right now.  Love that we have friends to share it with and friends who understand the stage of life we're in so well because they are there too!!!

Miss You Scully Family!!!  We hope to see you again this summer and welcome any other visitors that would like to come our way.  Uncle Robert gives an awesome tour just ask Sawyer!  :)

Sunday, February 23, 2014

A Photo Shoot for Grammy

Before Amy left we did a quick photo shoot of the grandkids for Grammy which included bribes and quite a bit of silliness from Mommies, the amazing Auntie Katie, and the ever crazy Uncle Robert.  In the end I would say it was all worth it because we walked away with pictures of all 5 kiddos looking and smiling at the camera at the same time.  Success!!!
Sadie (4), Cooper (1), Wyatt (3), Autumn (2 mo), and Payton (3)

Auntie Katie

Uncle Robert
A Happy Bunch
Love those blue eyes!!!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Two Peas in a Pod and a Sweet New Addition

These 2 are so silly and had such a great time together.  We can't wait for the summer to arrive so that we can have more cousin time!!!

I was so excited to have a chance to spend a few days getting to know the newest addition to our family Autumn Grace.  She was born in November and Brandon booked me a ticket to fly to Arizona to meet her at the beginning of January.  However, after being delayed and rescheduled it ended up that I was only going to have a little over 24 hours in Arizona, plus my kids were sick and I didn't want to expose a new one to our germs.  So, instead of rescheduling my flight Amy and the girls ended up being able to come our way and see the entire family.  It was so much fun to be together and I loved every moment that I was able to grab with this sweet little one!
Welcome Autumn Grace.  Your Auntie and Cousins Love You!!!!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Happy 3rd Birthday Wyatt!!

We celebrated Wyatt's 3rd birthday at the end of January and it's hard to even begin to explain how much he has changed over the past year.  He is still our sweet blond haired blue eyed boy but he is also so full of spunk that we barely know what to do with him some days.  He has the ability to nearly drive us crazy most days as we struggle to find the balance between allowing him to be a full of life little boy and yet not an out of control terror.  A year ago this little one was so quiet, just barely starting to express himself.  Today you can't keep him quiet and instead of focusing on acquisition of words we focus on the volume with which those words are usually used.  Wyatt gives absolutely the best and sweetest hugs and I love the moments in the day when I am able to see his tender heart with his Daddy or Grammy or Siblings.  When he isn't all wound up he truly has the sweetest spirit, concerned with the things that concern others and getting great enjoyment from making others happy.  These days there are few things better, after a long morning of battling it out over whatever behavior it is that particular day, than laying down next to this sweet boy and watching him fall into a peaceful rest or snuggling with him early in the morning while watching his favorite show, Curious George.  Wyatt though you wear your Mommy and Daddy out some days we love you more than you'll ever know.  You melt our heart and make us laugh and we love every part you!!!!

A big thumbs up to Uncle Robert for putting gel in his hair.

Auntie Amy and her girls ended up being here over Wyatt's birthday which was a lot of fun.  We all went to Chuck E Cheese to celebrate.
Payton and Sadie
The Birthday Boy!
Best Buds
Uncle Robert
Grammy's Gang
Payton and Sadie
Don't forget about Cooper.  He's right in the mix these days too.
Oh the expressions you get when you ask toddlers to smile.
This year it was a tractor birthday for Wyatt.
Yay for birthdays, and tractors, and cake, and Cheetos.
This is the way we say thank you.
Using one of his new birthday presents.
Such a big boy!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A Very Long Christmas Post

We enjoyed nearly every minute of our Christmas Season.  Here are a few of our favorite Christmas memories from 2013. 

1. Choosing Our Christmas Tree
One of the most exciting things we got to do this Christmas was to pick out our Christmas tree.  We've never had a real tree before.  I grew up using an artificial tree and after we got married my Grandma gave me hers. So, even though I've wanted to get a real tree in years past I've always been just a little to cheap to justify the cost.  This year however, my sister-in-law invited us to drive out to her sister and brother-in-laws property to cut down our own tree.  They just bought some land that had trees on it that they wanted to get rid off, imagine that.  We were thrilled to get to take one off of their hands!!!

This is the one!!!  
Just Right
Maybe the excitement of choosing a tree is more of a girl thing...

2. Helping Robert Win His Ugly Sweater Contest

3. Visiting Storybook Land.
The city of Albany hosts an event called Storybook Land down at the fairgrounds every Christmas where you can basically walk through exhibits depicting Mother Goose nursery rhyme characters, fairy tale characters, and family movies.  We had no idea how popular it was and we went just a few days before Christmas so we ended up waiting in quite a long line to get in, which was a bummer because it was so cold outside, but all in all it was a lot of fun.  Next year I'll have to do a better job of reading some of the old nursery rhymes to the kids so that the recognize more of the displays. 

 Toy Story
 Monster's Inc.

4. Decorating Christmas Cookies with Grammy

5. Decorating a Gingerbread Train Constructed by Our Ever Talented Grammy 

6. Decorating Our House

Sending and receiving Christmas cards is truly one of my favorite Christmas traditions.

7. Opening Stockings
These are the stockings I was trying to finish as I was having contractions with Cooper last year.  I finished them last year but never got them hung so it fun to reminisce as I hung them this year.

8.  Wearing Christmas Jammies

9. Opening Presents

Sadie got a LightBright, one of my favorite gifts as a kid.
Our new train table

10. Spending Time with Family.