Thursday, April 24, 2014

Woodburn Tulip Fest

We had so much fun at the Woodburn Tulip Fest.  So many beautiful flowers and so many picture taking opportunities.  Luckily pictures don't always show the sheer chaos involved in taking toddlers on outings like this as Cooper has entered an especially trying stage.  He is completely uncooperative most days and leaves me wondering what happened to my sweet happy baby.  He made this particular day as difficult as possible.  However, we still managed to have a great time and even got a few pictures of him pretending to have fun.

 Love this one where Cooper has his little finger up as if to say I'll take a picture for you in one minute mom.

 Note to any who visit the Tulip Fest.  There should be a warning about this little cow train.  Definitely don't ride it if you are pregnant, or have a bad back, or get motion sickness.  Luckily none of the above applied to us but we laughed so hard as we bounced all over the tulip fields in these silly little cars.

They also had an area where the kids could play and they had so much fun!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Spring Is Here!!!

Well technically I don't think we were quite to the first day of spring when the daffodils bloomed but it was close enough for me.  In fact, I was so excited to see these first signs of spring that I even drove down to the end of our road and cut some of the daffodils that were growing wild there.  I've said this before but it has been so incredible to really get to experience the seasons this year and I love that my kids now know what a daffodil is because we looked for them everywhere as we drove around this past month.

With the spring has come noticeably longer days and warmer weather and we are all loving that.  The kids can't get enough time outside, especially Cooper.  In fact, getting him to come back inside has become quite a challenge.  It's almost like they've kept track of all the hours that the were forced to play inside because of the rain this winter and now they are determined to make up the time.

Cooper is glad that there is still a little rain because literally his favorite thing to do is play in the puddles.  It will be a very sad day for him when the last puddle dries up.
The daffodils were followed by the tulips which I might love even more.  So glad God made such a beautiful world for us to explore!

It's still not quite warm enough to garden but thanks to Uncle Ryan's green thumb we already have some fresh lettuce. 

Uncle Robert also helped us to welcome the spring time with our newest additions Sven and Olaf.  These two are what they call bummer lambs.  Apparently when a Sheep has more than two lambs she isn't able to care fore them all so one of the lambs usually doesn't survive unless they are bottle fed.  Uncle Robert with his limitless connections knew of someone who had a bunch of these little guys that they were bottle feeding and wanting to get rid of so surprise surprise two of them ended up here for Sadie and Wyatt.  They love them already and I'm pretty sure if we dressed Cooper up like a lamb they would think he was one of them.  They follow him everywhere.

Olaf and Sadie

Wyatt and Sven

Finally made my Easter banner!!!!
Reminds me of you Courtney! So glad you introduced me to this great craft!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Uncle Ryan

I think we've already mentioned this but we Love Uncle Ryan.  He's usually hard at work but he's never to busy to scoop Cooper up for a second or to let Wyatt help/tag along with him.
Thanks Uncle Ryan!

Driving the Skid Steer.
Pulling out the calf truck.
Fixing the calf truck.
Getting tools for Uncle Ryan.
Fixing the Quad
 Supervising Operations