Thursday, June 25, 2015

A Visit With Friends

Our good friend Andrea and her kids, Georgia and Titus, came to visit us in May!  Her husband Dave was out of town for the week and we were so pleased that she asked to spend the time with us.  I continue to miss the moms that did life with me down in California.  While we love the space and freedoms that life in Oregon provides us, the trade off continues to feel great.  We miss being close to so many friends, having a neighborhood park to walk to, and because this season of life can be so chaotic we recognize how precious the sacrifice of time to connect really is.   That's why when Andrea called the day before they were going to leave to say that Titus was throwing up we said come anyway.  We never know when the next chance to spend time together will come so it seemed worth it even though we knew we might end up sick.  

Well, unfortunately we all did end up catching Titus' bug, including Andrea, but thankfully Hazel was spared and although Andrea and I didn't have the energy to hang out quite as much as I would have hoped in the evenings, I'm pretty sure the kids won't even remember that they were sick.  They had a blast playing together and even when they were sick all they could think about was getting back to playing.  I'm positive that they will only remember the fun that they had playing with friends and that makes it all worth it.  The kids were so sad to see them go when the week ended and Georgia prayed most nights that they could stay for 10 days instead of 6.  We definitely love this family and are thankful for more precious memories made!

Friendships Growing

A New Friendship Budding

So Much Playtime!

The Little Boys

It was fun getting to know Titus more this trip.  He was so little the last time we saw them but this time we got to see a bit more of his personality.  He is quite the adventurer and he loved, loved, loved, all the animals.

The Animals


Our neighbors have two horses that the kids enjoyed saying hello to.

Chickaletta and Little Red

The chickens got out at one point and the kids decided to try to catch them.  At the point that this picture was taken they had already been wrangled back into their pen but the kids still wanted to catch one.

Only Wyatt was successful!

Minnie got lots of attention as usual.  Titus especially could not get enough time with her.

Quiet Time
We actually got all of the kids playing in their own rooms or napping most days for about an hour which I though was pretty good considering there were 6 of them.  Quite a few days quiet time quickly turned into this, which never happens, but was evidence of the fact that no one was feeling great even though all they wanted to do was play.

The Little Miss

The Dairy Farm

Someone still isn't feeling 100%.

It started with trying to lasso the lambs and ended with this poor little thing being hogtied and needing Mommy to rescue it.

Earlier in the day Andrea and I were reminiscing about the fun of playing outdoors and remembered hiding in tall grass as kids and making mazes through it.  Then we headed to the dairy and watched our kids doing the same thing, playing hide and seek and making little nests out in the grass.  So fun!

Playing in the cottonseed is always a highlight for kids when they visit the dairy.

 Quad rides are also usually a favorite.

I love this picture.  The look on Georgia's face as Titus tries to climb into the cow pen.  It's a classic big sister of a little brother look.

I think the calf barn was a highlight for Titus.  He really did love all the animals.  I couldn't believe how brave he was even letting Roberts fancy bull chew all over his arm.

Goodbye for now Wallace family.  Hope to see you guys again soon and thanks again for all the wonderful pictures Andrea!!!