Wednesday, October 30, 2013


We enjoyed being a part of the corn chopping season this year.  Uncle Ryan bought a truck and chopper last year and after weeks of getting everything ready the big day was finally here so we all headed out to watch Ryan open his first field.  I'm pretty sure that our enthusiasm was as entertaining to the drivers as watching them work was to us. 
We know next to nothing about this, but in case you're wondering why the chopper is driving up the middle of the field in some of the picture below Ryan explained to us that when they "open the field" they drive around the outside edge and then up the middle in a few places to make a path for the trucks so that they don't have to drive all the way around every time they have a load.
Grammy and Cooper
Waiting for our first glimpse of the chopper.
Watching for Uncle Ryan

Here it comes!  You can't see it in the picture but Auntie Katie is actually driving this crazy machine.  What a good farmers wife!

Sadie was a bit afraid of the chopper because it was of course pretty loud, but Wyatt couldn't wait for his chance to ride with Uncle Ryan.  There's even a little seat next to the drivers seat for him with a seat belt and everything.  He was so proud and I can't tell you how many times he made us laugh talking about "-opping" with Uncle Ryan.  I think it was the very next day when we told him Uncle Ryan was out chopping that we laughed the hardest as he said in his most expressive squirt voice "UNCLE -IAN -OPPING -ITHOUT ME!?!?"  Sadie did eventually decide to ride with me towards the end of the season and says she won't be too afraid next year, and Wyatt says that when he grows up he's going to chop without Ryan.  I guess we will see about all of the above.



Friday, October 11, 2013

9 Months Old

This little one just keeps growing.  We love how easily he laughs, how laid back he is most of the time, how he eats anything, and how downright silly he is.  To give you one example of how laid back he is, just today I was on the phone and heard Wyatt upstairs by the nursery.  I called him back down telling him he needed to play downstairs because Cooper was sleeping.  I went back to my conversation and saw both him and Sadie head back upstairs.  So I went back to reprimand them and as I looked more closely I realized that not only was the door open but the light was on.  He'd been playing in there and was confused as to weather or not Cooper was really sleeping in there as I had said.  I turned the light back off and Cooper never even stirred.  Crazy kids!!!  Other than that Cooper has cut 6 teeth in the last few months and is currently cruising around on furniture like a pro, but not quite walking although he'll be there soon.  Much to Sadie and Wyatt's dismay he is absolutely dying to be a part of any and everything they do and he's almost there.  The level of crazy in this house is just about to escalate.


Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Oregon Zoo

We also decided to squeeze in the Oregon Zoo before the weather changed and before Kendra headed back to school.  Unfortunately the zoo was undergoing quite a bit of maintenance as apparently we missed the peek summer season, but we still had a lot of fun seeing the animals and hanging out with Grammy and Auntie Kendy.  We also really missed our friends as we were remembering our trip to the L.A. Zoo just before we moved.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Oregon State Fair

We had a chance to check out the Oregon State Fair a couple of weekends ago.  Uncle Robert showed cows and we came to watch and check out the other festivities.  One of the best things we were introduced to were milkshakes at the Red Barn.  The dairy wives run it and we've heard a lot about it as my mom has worked there quite a few times, but this was the first time we got to partake and we can now attest to the fact that they are amazing!!!  If you ever find yourself at the Oregon State Fair it's a must try!
Just Hanging Out!
Petting the bunnies.
Learning about fighting fires.
Wyatt is very serious about fighting his fire.
Can't believe they actually smiled for a picture with Smokey the Bear.  Auntie Kendy was a little scared of him.
This little one is awesome at just hanging out and taking it all in.
So many fun things to explore.
Uncle Robert bought both Sadie and Wyatt a pony ride and once again they surprised me.  I kind of thought they would panic but they loved it.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

And He's Off to College

We took Uncle Caleb to college on our 2nd week here in Oregon.  He is attending George Fox University in Newberg, Oregon and is studying to be a mechanical engineer.  We were quite sad to see him go so shortly after our arrival, but are excited that he is only about an hour away which means that if we haven't scared him off we may still get to see a lot of him this year.

 Love my brothers and all the fun they add to my life in their own different ways.  Can't you just see the mischief in their eyes in this picture.  Who knows what they're saying?  Probably something about me since I was the designated picture taker or maybe they were laughing about how cute their pose was.   Either way it makes me think of all the pictures I take of Wyatt and Cooper and the mischief I see in their eyes.  Glad my brothers don't take themselves too seriously and I sure hope Wyatt and Cooper learn to love life the way their uncles do.
Sending her baby to college.  My mom is a strong lady for sending her baby to college with a smile on her face, most of the time, and for getting to the point of sending him off in the first place.  I'm 31 so that means that although her job of parenting isn't really over she has already spent 31 years of her life raising us and putting up with all the many things we've put her through and given her a hard time about.
We Love You Mom!

 Love that when I stand next to him it feels less and less like there is 13 years between us.   So proud of what an independent and strong young man Caleb is.
And how he's grown into the role of Uncle.
Sadie and Wyatt love and miss their Uncle Caleb!
 If anyone is wondering, this is part of why Caleb is so great.  He's such a good sport and even humored me with this picture.  I should probably be ashamed of myself for even asking on his first day of college, but it didn't seem to embarrass him one bit.  Actually I think it was Grammy's idea, but either way. :)
These ended up looking a bit like senior pictures but they were just to cute!

Time to go!  Visit us soon Uncle Caleb!!!