Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Our First Family Camping Trip to Detroit Lake

We squeezed in one last camping trip in September which was so fun.  Uncle Robert rented 3 campsites at Detroit Lake and we spent a quick weekend there with the rest of the family as the school year started.  The kids had lots of fun playing with their cousins and it was an awesome trial run for what we hope becomes a family tradition.

 Grammy and her girls

 Payton, Autumn, Uncle Robert, Cooper, Hazel (hiding behind Cooper), Wyatt, and Sadie

There is no need to fight over Uncle Robert because he can literally entertain all of our children at once.

It's so fun to see my Dad's hammock getting used.  There are certain things that just still feel like his, and when I see them it brings me back to the past.  Camping as a family with this hammock is definitely one of those very sweet and precious memories.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

1st Day of School 2016!

Wait is it the first day of school or the last???  Oh ya we're heading into the last week of school but I haven't posted my first day pictures yet.  Yikes!

I always feel that nervous excitement as the 1st day of school approaches.  As a kid I remember getting excited to write my name on all my supplies and check the class list to see who my teacher was and who was going to be in my class.  Then as a teacher I would get excited to write my first lesson plans and prep all the supplies for my students and our big first day, and now with my own kids it's fun to decorate and plan a fun breakfast and buy all of their supplies.  I think I'm as excited as them although sad at the same time as I'm never quite ready to send them off.  

Happy 1st Day of School 2016!

The weekend before school starts we always get to see the kids' classrooms.  We meet the teachers, drop off supplies, and check out their new classrooms and seats.  I love this because it helps take a little bit of the nervousness out of the 1st day.  This year Sadie will be in Ms. Bell's 1st grade class and Wyatt will be in Mrs. Lute's kindergarten class.  

Both the kids are excited for their first day but I have to say Wyatt is especially pumped.  I'm pretty sure he spent most of last year looking forward to being in Kindergarten and it's awesome that he already knows and is very comfortable with Mrs. Lute from seeing her almost everyday last year as we would drop off and pick up Sadie.  Mrs. Lute has been so sweet about getting to know our whole family.  In fact, funny story, Uncle Robert thought that he saw Mrs. Lute at Costco over the summer and asked the kids "Does she drive a red van?"  They said, "I think so."  Then he asked, "Does she have dark hair?"  Again they replied "I think so."  Then he asked, "Is she really nice??"  At this they very excitedly answered, "YA THAT'S HER!!!"  

Our First Day Pancakes
A number 1 for Sadie our big 1st grader.

 A "K" for Wyatt our Kindergartner.

 Saying goodbye to Daisy.

 Spider Man a.k.a Cooper was also pumped about the 1st day of school!

I seriously cannot believe Wyatt is already off to Kindergarten.  I'm feeling like if I even blink they are going to be all grown up.  I'm so sad but so excited because he's so excited.  We did his testing over the summer and whereas Sadie was done pretty quickly Wyatt used the full allotted time because he had so many things to tell Mrs.  Lute.  She heard all about our family and the shows he watches and how Cole's his best buddy and every other thing that popped into his head I'm sure.  We've had to warn her that he might not be quite as quite as his older sister, but he will undoubtedly be one of her most enthusiastic learners.
 Wyatt is in Kindergarten.  He is 5 years old.  He wants to be a builder when he grows up.  His favorite colors are black and pink.  His favorite things are his hot wheel's garage, baseball, playing with Daddy, kitties, and Zoey.

Sadie is off to 1st grade this year and I can't believe that either.  It feels like a big deal to be sending her to school all day this year.  Her time at school is more than doubling from 3 hours in Kindergarten to now 7 hours and I have to admit I'm a little sad to be packing her a lunch and sending her off for such a big part of the day.  However, I know that she is going to do great, which is more than I can say for myself. :( 
Sadie is in 1st Grade. She is 6 years old. She wants to be a mom or a teacher when she grows up. Her favorite colors are pink and purple. Her favorite things are Daisy, shrimp and noodles, playing baby, Zoey, and Hazel

They're off... and as they go we pray that Lord would look after them while we are apart, that He would bring good friends into their lives, that they would be good friends to others and good students for their teachers, that He would bless their teachers and give them much wisdom and patience as they teach and mold and discipline, and that He would continue to guide us as we parent them desiring to raise above all children who love the Lord and out of that the people around them.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Wrapping up Summer 2016

We wrapped up our summer with one more trip to the beach with Daddy

Let me just say this little one is busy busy busy!

We continue to love our sweet kitten Daisy.  Almost every morning I find her snuggled up with Sadie on the couch and any time Sadie's sad she goes out looking for her kitty to snuggle with.  We love our Daisy and she loves these kiddos though they haul her around in some of the most uncomfortable looking positions!

This summer the kids participated in Vacation Bible School once again and even Cooper got to go, though he was a little bit too young, thanks to Mrs. Vanderstoel.  He was sooooo thrilled and still talks about what he learned and remembers many of the motions to the songs they learned during the week.  This is a picture from Crazy Hair Day!!!

We also love our time with Great-Grandpa during the summer.  He comes up every summer for a few months and I can't say enough how much I enjoy watching my kids get to know him.  He is so wonderful to spend time with them and in the absence of my Dad I feel all the more blessed that they have the opportunity to get to know and spend time with him.  Wyatt is already scheming about watching Cubs games with Great Grandpa!
 Cooper and Great Grandpa

We also spent plenty of time being silly and Wyatt is the chief of all silliness in our house!

 And finally as the summer was about to wrap up and we were about 2 months from adding baby number 5 my crazy husband decided to demo our upstairs bathroom.  I'm starting to think he likes the pressure.  At the end of my pregnancy with Hazel it was the kitchen and now here's our newly demoed bathroom. 

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Pacific City

I'm not sure how it is that I am nearly a year behind but it's time to work on catching up!!

 These are pictures from last summer when we made a trip to Pacific City with Auntie Kendra, Grammy, and Auntie Amy and her kiddos.  The kids love the beach and always have such a great time though we don't get there nearly enough.

We are so thankful for the investment Auntie Kendra makes in the lives of our kiddos.  She is always willing to come and play which is an unbelievable blessing when your arms are as full as mine and when there just never seems to be quite enough to go around.  It makes trips like this and many of the other fun memories we make possible.

Wyatt, Cooper, Payton, and Auntie Kendra

Miss Hazel

These kids LOVE the sand!!!!

Cousins: Sadie, Hazel, Payton, Cooper, and Wyatt

Cooper tends to be a little less sure about being covered in sand but still having lots of fun!


Autumn and Hazel