Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A Valentine's Day Party

By February I'm usually feeling unmotivated to decorate.  We've celebrated all of our birthdays, our anniversary, and Christmas in the past 4 months so I'm usually tempted to overlook Valentines Day.  However this year after talking to my friend Courtney and hearing of the Valentines Day party she was having for her kids I thought ok I can do it and it was very worth it.  The kids made Valentines to deliver along with a special little gift for Uncle Robert, Uncle Ryan, Great Grandpa, Grammy, and Daddy.  It was a lot of fun to do something special for some of the people we love and then we ended our day with heart shaped pizzas and chocolate fondue which was a big hit even with Cooper.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Snow Days

We got something like 14 inches of snow this February, which is crazy for the part of Oregon that we are in, but we sure had a lot of fun.  I couldn't believe how much the kids enjoyed getting out and playing in it.  They didn't seem bothered by the cold at all.  So we basically just stayed in our footie pajamas for a week and layered on the clothing twice a day to play.  I'm afraid none of our winters here may live up to our first.
Literally knee deep in snow!!!

I'm not sure if Target loves Cooper more or if Cooper loves Target more.  This kitty constantly whats to be wherever Cooper is even though she occasionally gets kicked or knocked in the head with a toddler toy.  It's so cute they way they seem to enjoy one another and I'm especially fond of watching the two of them because Target was one of the cats my family moved up here from our dairy in Phoenix and was one of my Dad's favorites.  I can still picture him scooping up this kitty, and so I love to think of him as I watch our little guy follow it everywhere.

We stayed busy doing a variety of things in the snow.  Wyatt, our hard working boy, busied himself clearing the back patio and mowing the lawn.  Cooper as usual tried to keep up with whatever his big brother was doing.

We loved that Daddy was able to work from home on these snowy days mostly because he took breaks to play in the snow and because he is much more fun than Mommy!  Daddy introduced the kids to many snow activities including to snow angels, building snowmen, and snowball fights to name a few.

Snow Angels


Snowball Fights

As you can see it wasn't all fun and games.  Snowball fights can be dangerous especially for the little guys.

 Digging in the snow like doggies.  See I told you much more fun than Mommy!  I'm happy to stay behind the camera for these activities.
 Catching snow on our tongues.
Eating Snow.

Thanks for so much fun Daddy!!!

Can't get enough of this snugly little marshmallow and neither can anyone else.

And when we weren't out in the snow we were thankful for our cozy home, hot chocolate, coffee, and footie pajamas to keep us warm.

 Can't believe we actually live in this winter wonderland.  It really was so amazingly beautiful that although we were ready stop being stuck at home we were also really sad to see it go.

 Well some of us were sad anyway.  I think my brothers were pretty ready for it to warm up as it provided a few more complications to them than us.  This picture is hard to see but it's my brother Ryan pulling the milk truck out of our place and back to the main road.