Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Open House

We obviously didn't get to show everyone who walked through our Open House on Sunday the work we've done to it, and in fact we weren't even home for most of it which was probably a good thing.  We did however get to meet a few people at the beginning and end and might have been a little excited when our "spy," I mean friend, went over to walk through the house and then let us know what was going on, but I'm pretty sure it would have made me a little nutsy being there and seeing so many strangers making themselves right at home. 
It was however nice to hear people walk through and complement all the hard work Brandon has done and what a great layout we have.  That was definitely not the comments coming out of our mouth when we walked through it 4 years ago.  We actually passed it up the first time because we couldn't figure out how to make the layout work.  Everything was so funky.  However, Brandon has worked so hard.  He's moved walls and tiled floors and showers, he's moved plumbing around and refinished the hard wood floors, he's dug up the lawn and planted grass, he's installed cabinets, he's hung drywall and bead board and trim, and he's painted, painted, painted. Really other than installing the carpet and the granite in the kitchen he's done all this work himself.
Our Completed Project!!!
Laundry Room

Eating Area

Family Room

Kid's Room
Master Bedroom
We moved walls and rearranged this little hallway, the den, and the very strange master bedroom to create our current master bedroom
 the hallway
 the den
the master bedroom
Master Closet
You actually stepped down into this and it was technically in the garage.
Master Bathroom
Hall Bathroom
Playroom or as we call it the "Round Room"
Now as we list our home these are the property details our realtor lists:  Absolutely beautiful home with copper plumbing, remodeled open kitchen with tile floors, granite counter tops, tile backsplash, appliances and cabinetry.  Remodeled bathrooms with tile shower and tub and granite counters in the master and natural stone in the hall bath.  Dual pane windows throughout.  Newly refinished hard wood floors, beautiful brick fireplace, can lights, crown molding, r-30 insulation, Central Air, Large walk in closet in the master bedroom.  Front and Backyard have been re-landscaped.  Large shade trees in the front help keep the house cool.  R.V. parking, Lots of storage in the house.  Walk to the park.  Charter Oak School District. 

And did I mention that Brandon did almost all of that??? Good job Honey!!!



Monday, July 22, 2013

Home Sweet Home

This week I began packing our house to get ready for our move to Oregon and to get it ready to be shown to potential buyers, and I must say although I had anticipated it being hard to say good bye to our house, it's been even harder than I thought.  We've put so much into this house that thinking about leaving it to someone else is almost more than my emotional self can handle and yet we knew this day would come and in fact we've wished for it.  We've wished for a chance to be closer to my family, to live outside of California, and to perhaps have more space and outdoors for our children to grow up in, but none-the-less this week I have mostly been allowing myself to feel sad about the things we are leaving behind.
We moved into this, our 1st home, 8 months before Sadie was born and have been fixing it up ever since.  We've made a trip to Home Depot almost every weekend and Wyatt wakes up on Saturday mornings begging for his "erk boots" so that he can help Daddy with the house.  He literally knows nothing different.  We've brought all 3 of our kiddos home to this house and we've lived across the street from some of our very best friends for these last four and a half years.  We had no idea when we bought this placed how truly blessed we were, but now we do so naturally it's been difficult to think about letting it go. 
When we decided to start sending out resumes to see if there were any job opportunities for Brandon in Oregon it was with very mixed emotions and when he had landed a job that would take us to Oregon it was again with very mixed emotions that we accepted.  We don't take lightly our decision or what we're leaving behind.  Our house has become our home and our friends have literally become family to us here, and so leaving brings much sadness but also much excitement as we look forward to making a new place our Home.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Happy 4th of July!

So thankful for the freedom we celebrate this month and for all those who have sacrificed for it.  May we never forget how truly blessed we are!

 We celebrated the 4th of July with our good friends the Scullys this year and had to at least attempt to get a picture of our rapidly expanding clan.  Sadie is the oldest of our little group at just shy of 4 years old and the Scully's twin girls Ava and Mia are the youngest at 3 months old. 
 Sadie and Ava, Sawyer and Mia, Wyatt and Cooper
 Love their expressions...
Sadie: "What do I do now?  She's crying!  Help!"
Wyatt: "Why do our moms always make us do this?"
Sawyer: "I don't know they're crazy!"
How tired do they look?