Saturday, March 12, 2016

Christmas 2015

Christmas came and went much too quickly as it always does, but we loved the season just the same.  

Grammy made Sadie and Hazel these matching lamb beanies and they've been wonderful this winter.  Sadie loves hers and I mean LOVES hers!!!  She wears it to school everyday and washing it is quite an ordeal.  So funny but so cute!

Picking out our Christmas Tree is always a highlight!!

 We got to attend our first Christmas Recital and watch Sadie and her class perform a couple of Christmas songs which was fun.

 I volunteered to throw the class Christmas Party which I was a little nervous about, but everything when really well.  Instead of gingerbread houses we frosted Christmas trees and I made these cute carrying cases with the help of my handy husband, his drill, and my silhouette machine.

 The day of the party was also pajama day and Wyatt got to come along which he was very excited about!  He can't wait to be in Kindergarten next year!

 Cooper made his tree at home :)

Christmas Cards
Sending and receiving cards is another of my favorite parts of the Christmas season.  

We even got a nice big group shot this year.
Kendra and Andy, Cooper and Brandon, Carrie Hazel and Wyatt, Grammy and Sadie, Robert, Caleb, Katie and Ryan, Autumn, Amy, Payton, and Brian

Christmas Pictures
 Sweet Sisters

 My Baby Girl

 Reading the Christmas Story

 Playing with new toys.

This is what happens when you are the youngest.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Happy 3rd Birthday Cooper

Seriously we couldn't love this kiddo more.  He is at such a fun age and is truly just such a funny kid.  He is uninhibited and goofy and makes us laugh constantly without even trying.  We call him our little chucklehead cuz he's just so goofy.  He's also EXTREMELY ticklish which we find a great deal of amusement out of.  Besides that Cooper is a sweet and easy going kid.  He loves to do puzzles, read books, and play on the i pad.  He also loves anything green, aside from vegetables of course, and playing games with Sadie and Wyatt.  It's been fun to watch him transition this year from being a "baby" to being one of the gang.  He gets right in there with Sadie and Wyatt now and also has a really sweet spot for his little sister Hazel which Mommy loves to see.  He gives great hugs although you always have to watch out for the drool and there's literally nothing like his laugh to brighten the day.  Happy Birthday Cooper!  We Love you!!!

It was a Ninja Turtle Party for this one.  He's never actually seen the show, but he LOVES them because they are green and the "Orange Guy" is his favorite.  Oh and he'll drive you crazy asking you their names over and over and over again if you let him :)

 Cooper got 2 little parties this year.  One on Saturday with all of the family and then one on his actually birthday with just us.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

9 Months Old and Oh So BUSY

Hazel is on the move and there's no stopping her.  Now enters the stage of not letting her out of my sight because every time I turn around she's into something or headed for the stairs.  Sigh....  She continues to be a happy little girl most of the time and my only complaint is that she's still waking up throughout the night to eat which is a bummer, but I figure with our days being so busy I should embrace my quiet moments with her when I can.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Halloween 2015

This year for Halloween the kids and their cousins were Minions and I think we nailed it right down to our littlest purple Minion!

 Wyatt, Payton, and Sadie

We had planned to trick-or-treat in Amy and Brian's neighborhood, but as we are learning Halloween in Oregon is a little different than California as it is usually raining.  So, instead of getting soaked we headed over to West Salem High School where they had each doorway decorated with a theme and students handing out candy.  For the grown-ups it felt a little crowded and crazy but the kids had a blast.