Friday, December 4, 2015

Happy 6th Birthday Sadie

Happy 6th Birthday Sadie!  Did I really say that???  Ahhh time is going way to quickly. 

The weekend before Sadie's birthday we had a Hello Kitty party with her cousins.  Unfortunately our power went out a few hours before the party, but thankfully Grammy saved the day and we were able to move the celebration to her house last minute.

We decorated bows and played pin the bow on Hello Kitty.

 This guy was really dizzy!  Haha!

Sadie's birthday was a full day.  This was her first year spending part of the day at school which was fun because it gave us another opportunity to celebrate.  Grammy helped me make these awesome cookies to bring to her class, and it was really special to get to be a part of her celebration there.  Mrs. Lute had her sit in the teachers chair and then the teachers, me, and the other students had a chance to say what we like about Sadie.  It was a lot of pressure for her to sit and have everyone talk about her, but she did well and it was sweet to hear what especially the other kids said about her.  Lots of comments about how she's a good friend, plays with everybody, and is always nice.  Mrs. Lute commented on her sweet spirit and how much she can tell she loves her family by the way she says goodbye to us in the morning and always remembers to pray for us, and I shared what a good helper and big sister she is and also that I love how silly she can be at home with her brothers and sisters.

 After school we headed straight to the pumpkin patch with Grammy and Auntie Amy and her girls.  The kids had a great time and played until they and Mommy were exhausted.
 It's rough being the 4th.  Barely time to get a bite to eat :)

Then in the evening, after a few moments to rest we celebrated again with shrimp and noodles, her favorite dinner, and cake and ice cream.  Grammy and Uncle Robert joined us since Robert wasn't able to be at her party.

Happy 6th Birthday Little Chimp!  We continue to love watching you grow.  You are a good friend and a great helper to Mommy and your brothers and sister.  I don't know what I'd do without you.  You're nearly always willing to help with anything I ask, you're a good listener, and you can make your little sister Hazel laugh more than any of us.  We love that you are getting to be so grown up yet at the same time continue to be our silly little chimp who loves to laugh and goof around, who loves to cuddle with Daddy, who's favorite thing to do is going to Grammy's house, and who is always looking out for her brothers and little sister.  We hope that you don't change too much this year because we love you sooo much just the way you are!

Mommy and Daddy

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

A Family Trip to the Pumpkin Patch

We made our yearly trip out to the pumpkin patch to get our pumpkins early in October.   This year was especially eventful as Wyatt decided to wear ankle socks with his boots and Mommy didn't warn anyone that there was a 1/4 mile walk out to the patch this year.  Much to Daddy's dismay, Wyatt's legs "stopped working" not long after we got there or in other words he started getting blisters and needed a ride the rest of the way.  Never a dull moment around here.

These trips get to be more and more fun as the kids are all able to participate more and are excited about our traditions, but the pictures seem to get harder and harder.  So it begins...

 Cooper picked my favorite pumpkin this year!

What a cute little bunch.

 Daddy makes everything more fun!  Thanks for always being willing to play with them Honey!

My Littlest Pumpkin!!

 What Daddy does while Mommy tries to take pictures :)

The best and the worst of our group pictures and yes that's Wyatt's boot right in the middle of everything.