Thursday, July 21, 2011

Friday, July 1, 2011

So Many Celebrations

Brian and Amy spent 9 days with us this past week.  They had two weddings here in California on back to back weekends and we were thrilled that they were able to hang out with us in between.  Although Brandon and Brian still had to work during the week, Amy and I had a great time with the kids and we were able to swap babysitting so that we didn't have to drag the kiddos to all the weddings and so that we could get out as couples for a quick date which was wonderful, it's been a long time!

We began our time together celebrating our wonderful husbands on Father's Day!  The weather was beautiful so we grilled ribs and ate outside.

This is the way we like to take Father's Day pictures. 
And this is the way our more adventurous counterparts like to take them.
 Happy Father's Day!
Opps...almost forgot about Hershey.
 Amy and I took the kiddos down to the splash pad at Victoria Gardens where we combined a fun outing for them with wedding shopping for us.
 I was proud of Sadie.  She got right in there with the older kids.
And I was proud of us.  We all had fun and made it back to our car with no major melt downs.
  Payton is perhaps one of the sweetest little ones ever!!!!
 Almost walking.
My little chunk!
 Apparently you're never to big to enjoy one of these.
 I wasn't here for this meal but as you can see spaghetti was a BIG hit!
How does this even happen?

This past weekend my best friend Melinda also got married.  We are so excited for her and her new husband Steve.  Her wedding was a wonderful celebration and one of the fun things she had, which I'd never seen, was a photo booth.  The pictures were so much fun.  The company that did these is called
 The Bride
 Melinda and Steve

Finally, our weekend ended with Wyatt's dedication.  We're lame parents for not taking a picture of that but we were thankful for that special time with our church family, Amy and Brian, and my Mom who came down to support us in this.