Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Taggie Blanket

Although Sadie has many interesting toys to choose from her favorite thing to play with, besides her giraffe, is the tag on her carseat. She chews it and chews it until it is just dripping. So I decided to make her a taggie blanket. I started this project while my mom was here and finished it a few days ago. I think it turned out really good and other than feeling a little bad for the lady at Joannes who had to cut all my scraps of ribbon it was easy. I used minky on the front and satin on the back. You need about a 1/2 yard of each and as many different ribbons as you like. I bought about 25 different kinds and bought between a 1/8 yard and a 1/4 yard depending on how much I liked the ribbon. Then just pin them around the outside of the minky in whatever order you like and sew them down. Next I cut out the letters and shapes that I wanted to use to decorated the front on fabric and iron on adhesive. Then after ironing them in place I stitched around the edges to make sure it won't unravel. Then I pinned the minky and satin right sides together and sewed them together leaving just enough room to turn it right side out. Hint: Use A LOT of pins. The mink stretches and moves a lot. Finally, I sewed around the outside edge of the blanket and gave it to Sadie.
She likes it but I think she still likes the carseat tag more :) O Well!
Her favorite tag

Saturday, April 24, 2010


So it has taken awhile to get this post up but last week we had family in town to join us in dedicating Sadie. Amy and Brian arrived first on Thursday evening and we enjoyed hanging out with them. The guys got their fix of "man movies" and Amy and I made flowers for Sadie and her new cousin to be Payton (YAY!). We also went to the O.C. swap meet to pick out bedding for Payton and started Amy's baby registry. So Fun! We made a few different kinds of flowers but these were my favorite. We bought a quarter yard of a variety of different fabrics and that gave us enough to each make a flower with plenty left over. They turned out so cute! If you'd like to see the tutorial we followed it is here: http://blairpeter.typepad.com/weblog/2006/03/fabric_flowers.html
Sadie showing off ALL of her flowers :)
Then on Saturday afternoon my Mom, Ryan, and his girlfriend Katy arrived and we took them down to Seal Beach for dinner.
The Girls!
Where's Sadie?
Sadie wearing another new flower!
Then on Sunday we dedicated Sadie. Surrounded by our church family, Melinda, Steve, Drea, and those already mentioned.Sadie being dedicated by Pastor Donn aka "Uncle Donn"
Finally, on Monday we headed to Sea World for the day. We got rained on once but otherwise it was a beautiful day and we had a great time!
Daddy and Sadie
Having fun with Ryan and Katy
We had to have a family picture by the milk jug
So tired after a long day Zzzzz
As always we enjoyed our visitors and were sad to see them go.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter!

We enjoyed celebrating Easter this year with the Wallace family. What a blessing it is to have good friends!

Jeremiah, Courtney, Me, Sadie, & Brandon

Easter 2010!

This is what daddy does when I ask him to hold Sadie so that I can see her dress. :)

It doesn't help that Sadie thinks he's funny!