Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Summer Vacation

We just got back from our annual summer trip to Oregon.  This year we went a little early so that we could attend my youngest sister Kendra's high school graduation and this year we flew.  Sadie has flown with me a few times before when she was younger but this was our first trip with two kids and our first with Sadie being very active and mobile.  FUN FUN!!  We'll just say we survived and are thankful for stickers, fruit snacks, and loud plane engines as Sadie said "plane, plane, plane, more, more, plane, plane" until we wanted to disown her. :)
Waiting for our plane.
Actually, all considered they were both real troopers.  We left Friday late afternoon, arrived in Portland around 8:00, and then still had an hour drive to my families house.  The kids were up really late because once we got there of course Sadie had to play with all her aunts and uncles and then the next morning was a full day starting with breakfast at the "French Press," our favorite place to get crepes, and graduation in the evening.  

Favorite Moment:  Watching Sadie run from us to my mom in the airport when we arrived yelling "Gramma"!  I think she would have knocked over anyone who got in her way. 
We Love Auntie Kendy!
Matching dresses made by Auntie Amy.
They say "I Love Auntie Kendy!"
Sunday Kendra had a graduation party after church and my sister Amy and I attempted to get some cute pictures of our kiddos in their matching graduation outfits.

What we won't do for a cute picture.
Big Sister
Auntie Amy and Wyatt
Yes, my poor kiddo is screaming while we try to get
one more shot.
And yes, Payton is eating it!
(looks worse than it was I promise, and I'm still laughing)
At the end of the day we're thankful for the strong arms
of Uncle Robert!
Wyatt and Payton
(They are almost exactly 5 months apart)
This was Sadie's first time really getting to play out on the dairy and she had a blast.  She and this cat stalked each other back and forth for probably 5 minutes before Sadie finally got her hands on it.
Gottcha!  Bet that cat never lets her catch him again!
We also spent time walking around the dairy and
 feeding calves with Uncle Caleb.
Brandon spent a lot of time driving the tractor and
helping Ryan plow his corn field.
Making pizza with Uncle Ryan's
girlfriend Katy.
Watering flowers and feeding the dogs with Grandma.
Feeding the ducks.
Sadie, actually wasn't that interested in feeding the ducks she mostly just wanted to chase them.  I wonder where she gets that from?
And finally, on our last day there we went to the Oregon Gardens with Kendra and her boyfriend Andy. 
Brandon, Sadie, Kendra, and Andy
Playing in the Hobbit Hole in the Children's Garden
Where's Grandma?
Riding the train around the gardens.
Grandma and Wyatt
Heading Home
I think we finally succeeded in wearing
 our little chimp out!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Memorial Day

Holidays are always fun because Daddy gets to stay home.  We began this Memorial Day at APU where Brandon was invited to play over-the-line with the Bixby Family.  Sadie and Wyatt came to cheer him on and see the other kids.
Loving our pink sunglasses from "Uncle Paul!"
We even brought Hershey along for the ride.
Then we headed to the beach where once again fruit snacks saved the day as we waited for our food.
Sadie had little interest in eating.  For her it was all about playing in the sand, until that is she discovered the water.
After about a half an hour in the water with Daddy he was ready to leave and she was freezing cold, shivering, but still saying we drug her out and tried to convince her that it was time to go. 
And of course our little man.  Just chillin' in the shade.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Bachelorette Bash!

My best friend Melinda is getting married at the end of this month and this weekend we had a great time celebrating with her.  We rented a house out in Temecula and although it felt very strange to leave my two little ones at home it was really nice to have a day away.  Thank you Brandon!
"The Bachelorette"
Soon to be Mrs. Herman
Me, Mel, and Tiff
Picnicking at one of the wineries
The Bride and her Entourage
I may have discovered etsy...
and had a little to much fun decorating.  I mean stickers to decorate kisses?  Who would have thought?
Best Moments: 
1. Staying up until 3a.m. talking to my best friend, feeling like we were roommates in college again.
2. Getting to have an uninterrupted conversation for what feels like the first time in 19 months.
3. Coming home to hear Sadie running down the hall, mouth open in excitement, yelling "Mama!!"