Thursday, August 29, 2013

Lasts ...

I'm the sentimental type so I have to admit I spent my last few weeks in California thinking I wonder if this will be the last???  Some things were silly things like I wonder if this is the last time I will go to this Target or Jo-Anns, but then there were many other things that were things I'm actually going to miss like walking to our neighborhood park, or around our neighborhood in the evening, or seeing my friends, or eating at our favorite local restaurants.  Luckily for me I usually didn't know "for sure" if it was the last time so I was able to hold it together and think maybe, but maybe not. 

Sometimes I envy those who thrive on adventure and change and love the challenge of the unknown. I know quite a few people who are like that, but I am definitely not one of them.  Although I look back and am thankful for the times that I have ventured or been pushed to step out whether it be to college or to buying our 1st house or to joining a bible study or small group, still I don't really enjoy the processes.  I'm honestly one who would happily live in the same house my entire life and probably wouldn't have even left my parents house without a little push.  Is that embarrassing to admit???  Oh Well...Anyway, so here it is that I find myself again feeling certain that this is the right decision for our family, but not enjoying the process of venturing out and starting over, and trying hard not to pass my own anxiety of the unknown on to my children.  It's going to be good... I know.

Well here are a few of the LASTS I was able to capture:

1. The last time the clown parade mowed the lawn.  I doubt our neighborhood will have such entertainment again any time soon. 

Brandon with Cooper attached, our blind dog Hershey, Sadie with the pink shopping cart, and Wyatt with the little lawn mower.
 And when they get bored this is next on the list while Daddy finishes mowing.
2. Our last Angel's Game:  Brandon got tickets to quite a few Angel's games this year through work and the kids just loved them.  We would literally get them in the car after a game and only be 5 miles down the freeway before Wyatt started asking if we could go back to the baseball game.  We're definitely going to have to catch the Angel's games when they play up in Seattle from here on out.
 3. Outings with Friends to a variety of destinations including:

The L.A. Zoo
Sadie and Georgia

Sadie, Georgia, Wyatt, Lucie, and Sawyer
These are the oldest 5 of the 9 kiddos under our supervision at the zoo on this particular day.

The Arboretum
Best Buddies
Wyatt and Sawyer

Chino Children's Museum
Sawyer, Georgia, Wyatt and Sadie

Backyard Swimming

Sawyer, Cooper, and Mason

Georgia and Sadie
Georgia, Wyatt, Sadie, and Sawyer
Sunday night swimming at the Totten's House

The Splash Pad

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


This weekend was a sad one for us as we had to say good bye to Hershey.