Sunday, September 20, 2009

Baby Showers

The past 2 weekends have been filled with celebrations for Sadie's upcoming arrival and have been so much fun! There's no greater blessing than being surrounded by family and friends who love you and I was reminded of this again and again. What a blessing it is that God gives us other people to walk through life with. People who are there to support us when life is difficult and who are there to celebrate with us the joys in life, such as new babies, which has to be one of the greatest!
Anyway, last weekend Brandon and I made a trip to Arizona for a baby shower thrown by my sister Amy and my Mom, with the help of Kendra and my aunts. It was a great time of reconnecting with family and friends and we only wish we could have stayed longer.
Amy and I
So many cute little girl things!
Kendra made this cute John Deere Blanket!
Amy made this great cake.
The weekend truely flew by but before we left we talked our brother-in-law Brian and my sister Amy into taking a few maternity photo's of us. Amy helped us think of poses and Brian took the pictures. I thought they did a great job and so had to post a few of our favorites. Thanks Brian and Amy!
Then this past weekend my friends Melinda, Courtney, and Andrea hosted a shower for me with the help of many of my other girlfriends here in California. Again it was wonderful getting to see so many people that I care about all together at one time.
Katy, Tiff, Christina, Me, Melinda, and Allison
Nancy, Courtney, Candace & Jacob, Kelli, and Andrea
Brandon's Family
Mom, Lynn, Licia, Nana, & Me
Debbie, Catharina, and Violet

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Our New Kitchen!

Brandon has been hard at work on our kitchen for over a month now and I'm excited to show off his nearly completed project. He's been doing remodel work for other people for a long time now but it's fun to finally get to watch him and to enjoy the finished product. It's pretty impressive!
Our kitchen before
The demolition begins...
Notice Paul in his flip flops :)
There's no turning back at this point. Scarry!
Jeremiah, Paul, Brandon, and Matt laying tile backer.
Hanging the ceiling.
New cabinets being installed.
Our New Kitchen!