Monday, August 31, 2015

Swimming Lessons

Sadie and Wyatt took swim lessons for the very first time this summer in Albany.  I didn't really know what to expect and was a bit nervous, especially that Wyatt was going to have a hard time.  He has a hard time pretty much every time we take a bath because he HATES getting water in his eyes. So, when they told me they weren't allowed to wear goggles I though "here we go!"  However, to my surprise we didn't have any tears!

Sadie did awesome!  By the end of two weeks she was floating on her back and tummy, jumping in the pool without being caught, and starting to learn to paddle.  I think that she could have done even more if she had been in a more advanced class, but for a first time she did great!  At the end of the session they each got a report card.  Sadie's instructor, Taylor, wrote Sadie improved quickly and does great in the water.  Nice Job!

Wyatt also did a good job although he was far less compliant.  He did get his face wet every day and I was happy that the lessons seemed to make him more comfortable in the water.  At least we didn't end with him more afraid, right?  Wyatt had 2 instructors but the one that he had the majority of the time was Janel.  Janel had a very sweet personality and great smile although we had to laugh because she really didn't push Wyatt much.  I'm pretty sure that he thought she was the greatest thing ever as she was super silly with him and played with him a lot.  Her comments were Wyatt is very smiley and a great listener.  He's a great kid!

Cooper, well Cooper is a good sport about just about everything.  He hung out with me and Grammy, watched lessons, entertained us, ate snack, and distracted the life guard. We love this kid!!!

Little Miss Nut


Seriously I don't know where all his personality comes from.  He is a certified goofball!

Saturday, August 29, 2015

5 Months

At 5 months old our Little Miss Hazel is rolling over, she loves her toes and her thumb, she is sleeping until about 3a.m. every morning and then going back down until 7, and she is getting more and more leg strength. She is starting to really enjoy time in her jumper and sitting on the floor with toys.  She has also remained pretty flexible with her sleeping schedule, and is getting better and better about being in the car which we are very thankful for!  We love her sweet smile and giggle more than anything.


 Tummy Time

 Hanging out with a very goofy big brother.

And another silly brother :)

I know I'm prejudice, but they really don't come any cuter!!!

Thursday, August 27, 2015


We added a puppy to the mix over 4th of July weekend.  Brandon has wanted to get another lab since we moved, but I have been hesitant with also having a new baby and because of the fact that we still have a lot of work to do around the yard, which means lots of mud and mess for a puppy.  However, with Sadie going to school in September we decided that this would be a good time for a puppy.  Wyatt is such an animal lover and while Cooper likes to play outside, Wyatt practically begs for people to play outside with him.  He wants to be out all day, and without Sadie we figured he might need another buddy to play with.  

So, we spent the weekends in June building Zoey a kennel and a dog house, and on the 4th of July we got to go and pick out our puppy.  The kids were so excited and fell in love with her right away.  Of course some of the novelty has worn off as she is a puppy and loves to jump on them and inevitably scratches and bites them a bit, but when we got her she was young, only 6 weeks old, and she really just slept a lot giving us plenty of time to cuddle with her.

 Even Hazel got out there to watch Daddy work on Zoey's house.

 Wyatt got the first turn holding Zoey as we brought her home.  She is after all his little buddy as Sadie keeps reminding us :)

 Sadie loves the puppy too although nothing compares to her love for her kitty!

 Cooper... well he mostly bulldozed the puppy, but I guess that's only fair as the puppy has spent the last 2 months getting him back.

 Watching cartoons with Zoey.

 Playing with Zoey.

They may invade her space just a bit.

A Boy and His Puppy!

Hazel loves Zoey Too!!!

You know you're loved when you get to sleep with the coveted blankie!

 Sweet Dreams!