Thursday, June 1, 2017


We took a trip in the middle of September to visit our good friends Dale, Tina and Jenna.  They live in the Sacramento area and we have been planning to go down for a visit for forever but things just kept coming up.  Then they came up with the idea of meeting in Ashland for a couple of nights and that's what we ended up doing.  They drove up and we drove down on a Friday afternoon and we were able to met up around dinnertime and then spent the next day and a half together before heading back home.  While we were together we spent some time at the park, swimming in the pool at our hotel, and we checked out the ScienceWorks Hands-on Museum.  Last minute we decided to leave Hazel with Grammy and although we missed her, and Dale and Tina were sad not to meet her, we were thankful for the chance it gave us to talk and catch up on one anothers lives.

 Jenna was so great playing with the kids and helping them whenever they needed it.  I think the last time we were together Wyatt was just a year old so this time it was really fun to watch them all get to know each other.  Our kids just LOVED Jenna!!!

The Science museum was really a lot of fun.  So many hands on things to play with, not a lot of people, and the bubble room was definitely a highlight.

 Such a treat to get to swim.  There just aren't enough pools around in Oregon.

From the bottoms of our hearts we love this family.  They are our home away from home and we give them at least some of the credit for why our family is what it is today.  Whenever we see them we can't help but reminisce of college days when I would come up to visit and Brandon would come over to see me, and then he always likes to tell about the night we all cornered him and told him he needed to go back to school.  So many fun memories and so thankful that these dear friends are in our lives!

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