Friday, June 9, 2017

Halloween 2016

It's always hard to know what the weather will be like in October here in Oregon and as I mentioned previously, this year it has been WET WET WET!  We had planned on trick-or-treating in the Kaufman's neighborhood, but due to lots of rain we decided to find an indoor alternative.  So this year we went to a carnival at Sunnyslope Church which Katie's family helps organize.  The close quarters and warmth of having that many bodies packed into a small space was a little much being that I was less than 2 weeks from my due date, but no surprise the kids had a blast.  I actually thought there was a chance I might go into labor a little early but no such luck.

I opted not to make costumes this year but instead went to the thrift store and let the kids pick out what they wanted to be from the selection there.  I did end up make Sadie's as she was set on being a Siamese cat and we couldn't find anything like that, but everyone else found something they liked.  Wyatt was a horse, Cooper was a ninja turtle, and Hazel was a piggie.  The horse and piggie were especially hilarious!

 Top: Cooper, Oliver, Payton, Sadie, and Wyatt
Bottom: Hazel and Autumn
Can I just say that getting this many kids to sit still for a picture when they are dressed up and pumped about going out to get candy is ridiculous.  So we take what we get.  I'm pretty sure Hazel's costume didn't make it to the car and I know she wasn't wearing it by the time we got to the carnival.  O well...not worth the fight to this prego mommy.

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